The mask

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I was in Dollar General the other night and there was a line in the check out that appeared to be social distancing, the best they could. I counted 15 people in line and only 2 were wearing masks, it was me and an older lady. I saw 2 other people shopping with no mask. A guy putting up groceries had a mask the lady working the register did not. For a total of 19 people observed, 3 had masks. That comes to 15.79% of the people in DG who had masks.

I wear a mask and often gloves and I use hand sanitizer often and I try to maintain my distance. Its not that I am gripped in fear of catching Covid-19. I am concerned that if I catch it, I will spread it to someone who cannot survive it.
I take the advice of the so-called experts knowing they are full of shit but what else are you going to do right?
The population control people, who also double as the aforementioned ‘experts’, and the pro-death crowd would love it if I would catch it, spread it and kill off people in an effort to lower man’s carbon footprint on the earth but I won’t make peace with the blue-coats. They will have to do their own dirty work.



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