The Savage Peace

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If you haven’t done so, you should see out information in the form of read or documentaries about the aftermath of WWII. In particular the treatment of ethnic Germans and Nazi’s in 1945 and beyond by the Russians and others.
You can cheer and celebrate as revenge for the atrocities committed by the Nazis but keep in mind who are labeled as the modern day Nazi’s and the treatment you can expect by being labeled a Nazi.

Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, Whites and especially anyone who supported Donald Trump regardless of skin color or ethnicity are being labeled as a Nazi, and thus are retroactively deserving of the same treatment as the Germans/Nazi’s following World War II.

You might say that you are not guilty of any atrocities but under the banner of the famous slogan “NEVER AGAIN”, it would be a preventative measure, for fear that you may carry out the atrocities. George Orwell, the writer, once said “the treatment of the defeated Germans was a terrible crime that has gone unpunished”. Once such video put out by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) called “The Savage Peace” is a good primer to learn more about what happened to ethnic Germans and Nazi’s after World War II. It includes deportations, expulsions, murder, rape, theft, starvation just to name a few. We are not talking about affected numbers in the thousands. It was millions. The atrocities committed by the Russian Communists and others were no small measure and were competitive with Hitlers own atrocities.

I for one would say fuck em, they brought it on themselves except being mislabeled as a Nazi, changes everything, especially when I have not done or thought in a way that is anything close to the Nazi inspired atrocities. By being called a Nazi, I am retroactively deserving of the treatment that the ethnic Germans received, without the words coming out of the same accusers mouth.

I recommend to any person who fits into the category of Conservative or Trump supporter or other groups listed above you spend some time on researching the WWII aftermath. As you study, keep in focus that in the mind of a liberal communists, you are a Nazi and thus you deserve the same treatment.
I believe we are closer to Communist rule now more than ever before in history. This is easy to see in daily news feeds and the acceptance of socialists/communist agendas. If you think socialism and communism are just political theories then you have a lot to learn, because they always employ ethnic cleansing in some form for those who do not submit.



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