Vaccines and the Anti-Vaxers

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First off, I am not an anti-vaxer (anti-vaccine) or pro-vaxer. It’s a personal choice. I do not support forcing children to get vaccines or anyone for that matter. The anti-vaccine movement began way before COVID 19 and has been around for decades. What they have is new vaccine they can use for their age old crusade. They have a new target. If you are a present anti-vaxer, ask yourself…”Did I just become one or have I been and anti-vaxer for several decades? Many of the people who promoting anti-vaccines has been at it for a very long time and if you have decided to join them, that’s your business. Just recognize its not new! It is not something new that evolved because of the Coronavirus!

Historically, anti-vaxer are against vaccines and promote alternative medicines including holistic health or using existing drugs to treat rather than prevent. It doesn’t matter if those drugs are for human use or veterinarian use. If you find yourself jumping on the anti-covid vaccine bandwagon, just remember it is not a new bandwagon. Anti-vaxers existed as far back as when the small-pox vaccine came out and into the mid to late 1800’s. EVERYTIME there has been a vaccine rollout, the anti-Vaxers have always been right there. They are only louder today because of social media.

In 2019, before COVID, according to an AR Threat report there are more than 2.8 Million antibiotic resistant infections that occur in the US each year and more than 35,000 people die as a result.
We the American people have been lab rats for decades long before COVID. When we have an illness the medical professionals follow a protocol of procedures, medicines, injections and the application of all types of high-tech equipment, methods and medicines. The diseases for which there are no cures follows these protocols. Here’s the kicker. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That makes many of the procedures experimental by default.

The COVID vaccine is not a vaccine that creates some imaginary forcefield. It reduces the symptoms should you get the coronavirus. Some people may be suspicious that the whole coronavirus scare is fake. Everyone that is dying they are associating it to COVID is the thought process. Lets follow that thinking by taking COVID19 out of it. People are dying at alarming rate by the Flu or an unknown superbug that is not responding to traditional Flu treatment protocols, and is not a seasonal bug but year round and ongoing. Now what?

Many anti-faxer’s would push alternative treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine but these medicines were used for treatments of other things like worms in livestock or malaria but they are not tested on flu like symptoms so they would be experimental and the Covid vaccine is experimental so they too would fall under the same category. While people are paranoid about the vaccine, they are not paranoid with unproven treatments should one get the coronavirus. Keep in mind that once you get the cornonavirus, or any other potentially fatal illness, the clock is running and there isn’t a great deal of time to play with while doctors run experiments trying to save you.

There is a person in the company I work for who was 39 years old, worked out, health conscience, and considered a healthy individual succumb to COVID 19. If you are suspicious that it was NOT Covid then call it some mysterious virus that was operating outside of traditional flu season. The same mysterious bug that has claimed numerous lives worldwide. His doctors called in COVID because that is what was identified.

I have known several people about 10 or so, who I either knew or knew of, that have died of COVID 19 or if you prefer of some mysterious illness that has the same symptonms. A former co-worker, who sat 2 cubicles down from me, healthy by all accounts, was debating getting the vaccine but was researching because of the confusion that is out there as to whether to get it or not. The confusion driven by the different vaccines available AND the efforts of the anti-vaxers adding to the confusion. He is presently in ICU on a ventilator fighting for his life.

I watched a video today of a young girl playing both sides of the argument about the vaccine about entering a restaurant and not allowed due to not having the vaccine. It was the dumbest most irresponsible attempt at trying to be a social media influencer. Her argument was not even on point, yet people responded with “nailed it” and other support. One person even replied, “think people”. I did and I guess I was alone in seeing her argument as apples to oranges. People who have received the vaccine have taken it in the hopes of minimizing the effects if they get the COVID, much in the way a person takes cancer treatment. You take the treatment because you think its your best shot. It does not protect from getting the coronavirus but minimizes the impact if you do. The reports coming from even local hospitals is supporting this.

Anti-Vaxers are suspicious of experimental drugs or vaccines but have no issue with any of the other drugs or products that are on the market. When you watch television and a commercial comes on for a drug, do you actually think that commercial is running just for the doctor? Do you think medical professionals are the target audience? If so why do they say, “ask your doctor about….”, at the end of the commercials?
Big pharma is trying to get YOU to talk to your doctor about prescribing the drug. If your adamant, he may very well cave it and let your “try it”. At that point you have become a lab rat. People have no issue with this.
Anti-vaxers should follow their beliefs. What they should not do is try to talk anyone out of it. Why would you be so irresponsible to try to talk someone out of a potential treatment? These are personal choices.
Most drugs are experimental even though they have been on the market for decades. If you take it and it does not work, you have just gone through an experiment so the doctor tries something else.

Do you stop him at that point because you don’t want to be a lab rat?
How many common household items, medicines, or products thought to be safe turned out to be toxic? Many say that, “I know someone that took the vaccine and they died”. That may be true, but I know many who took the vaccine that did not and some that did not take the vaccine that are no longer alive. The participants in this discussion circle are pretty big.

If your child is dying and there is a 20% change an untested drug could help, would you fight for that untested drug? What decision would you make? Or, will you go into your anti-vax/anti-experimental drug posture and say, “no way is my child going to be a lab rat”! As for myself, if my child was dying, I would be willing to try anything. Anti-Vaxers should be consistent and become anti-medicine because its ALL experimental.
There are side effects and contraindications attached to all medicine and treatments. The COVID vaccine is no different, it would appear.

I do not promote vaccinations and I do not discourage people. That is personal choices between them and their physician. If anti-vaxers do not want to take the vaccine that is fine but why are they trying to recruit new members to follow along. There are as many people trying to talk you out of vaccine or a medicine as there are promoting it. If someone wants to be an anti-vaxer for the COVID 19 that is their business but if they’re going to make public statements discouraging people from getting a vaccine, at what point do they take responsibility for the outcome of the medical victim should they die? How are you going to explain it to the family that it wouldn’t have made a difference?

Some people have died taking the vaccine. People have died taking the flu vaccine. People have died, 128,000, who died from prescription medicines.
Many prefer to approach this pandemic by trusting their immune system. Each to his own for their approach. But as I have read, this superbug not only attacks people the elderly but the effected groups keep getting younger as the virus continues to look for new victims. We all think we have pretty strong immune systems, but are we certain there is not one weak spot? This super bug attacks that immune system and tries to turn it on itself. The question becomes who or what is trying to kill us? The virus, the government, the health professional or the anti-vaxers?
Anti-vaxers are doing what the have done for as long as there have been vaccines. When you make your decision, you would do well to keep that in mind. Its a risk either way.
Update: Donald Trump is now promoting the vaccine to his supporters. Jim Acosta from CNN is accusing Trump of trying to kill his supporters by telling them to get the vaccine. Now what?

Prediction: I have already said that the school system in Louisiana is pushing mask mandates for children while pushing back on vaccine mandates for all school board employees. “Its good for thee but not for me”. It seems that their “just following orders”, won’t apply when it comes to them, only the children. I predict that the mandating of vaccines for children will come BEFORE the vaccine mandate for the school system employees. Parents WILL NOT demand that all school employees and all government employees go first.
When the time comes parents will get behind the school board and school employees to prevent the school system mandating vaccines against its employees. When the tables turn and aim at kids getting the vaccines the school system will once again be following orders.



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