Vote Buying - Just a reminder

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Just a reminder and an example of the Democrats vote buying.
President Joe Biden signed an executive order that seeks to revamp welfare-dependent legal immigration to the United States by eliminating certain regulations and demanding a review of current enforcement practices.
On Tuesday, Biden signed an order that revokes a crackdown on welfare-dependent legal immigration that sought to protect American taxpayers from being forced to foot the bill for federal benefits provided to foreign nationals seeking green cards.

( C ) The Democrats strategy on immigration is not that they are more compassionate, or anything remotely resembling concern for human kind, their strategy on immigration and making sure welfare is available, paid for by the taxpayers is nothing more than a Democrat voter recruitment strategy. The effort is the very opposite of “voter suppression” and just as sinister. IF everything being offered excluded the right to vote until they became citizens then you could say it was a compassionate gesture. Its not, because it includes voting and guess who they will vote for?
It is nothing short of vote buying and making certain groups are obliged to vote for Democrats.

They are offered cash benefits for income maintenance, Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, and food stamps, social security and subsidized housing. Wouldn’t you feel obligated to the Democrats if you were an immigrant not really knowing anything about the inner workings of American politics?



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