Voting what you believe or just voting?

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I hear routine comments after elections from people who say, “I can’t believe they voted for him/her, I just don’t understand it”. Of course, you can replace the generics with names. I say the same things. As you read below you will think, “run of the mill common sense stuff”, right? But, it is not applied for various reasons, and that’s just the way it is. Nobody has had any real education or instruction on “how to vote”, so we are left to our decision making abilities and voting is a “decision making process”. Voting based on issues and studying where candidates stand no issues is just way too complicated so many of us go with popularity. Its the feel-good approach. We learned that in school when voting for class officers.

For a better understanding, maybe we should start with some questions aimed at those who vote based on popularity. “What do they believe”?. “What do WE believe”. What are our core values and does this politician represent our core values? If they are aligned with a particular party, does that party represent our values and what we believe?
At this point the success of adherence of the party platform or what it represents is a bit cloudy, because they will have losses.
Take for example the pro-life for the unborn. Their effort is one thing and their success rate is another. When they fail, you have to consider the effort, not abandon the party or the politician because they lost the battle. If you do, the battle is over. Its part of surrender, not fighting.

We all can name people who vote for a particular candidate and it aggravates us because we cannot believe they would vote that way, because they are a big Christian or because they have particular beliefs but they don’t vote consistent with those beliefs. They may be a family member and we try to get them to see more clearly. The reality is your wasting your breath.
All too often we vote for the lesser of 2 evils but we define this evil by a set of very narrow definitions and in reality it is an excuse because they just don’t like a person. So…we are right back in school, voting for class officers…a popularity contest.

It is a proven fact, that Christians will go against their church, and everything their religion teaches them to vote against a person they don’t like. They will vote for and support the very people who are hellbent on destroying the institutions they love.
That’s just the way things are and you will never get them to change their mind and will never accept the responsibility for their part in its destruction.

They do not believe that the church is under attack or that nobody is trying to remove it from schools, or anything like that. They will not believe that liberals are behind the assault because there were preachers and men of the cloth giving sermons and speeches at the Presidential inauguration. The evidence is only circumstantial to them even with 1000 examples of circumstantial evidence you provide them. Changing someones mind requires the power of propaganda and the television repeating the same things over and over and network after network saying the same thing using the exact same wording. Those that accuse conservatives as being part of a cult and need to be deprogrammed are the very ones who are.



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