Rev Jules O. Daigle on Communism

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In an article that recently appeared in the local newspaper, Rev Jules O. Daigle pastor of Our Lady of Seven Dolors gave a discussion at the Rotary meeting.
He discussed the nature of modern communism. The pastor declared that communism is more of a threat to the world’s welfare than war itself and
communism must be understood not primarily as a political, nor an economic program, but as a religion which would corrupt the whole of life.
He continued, modern men must not be duped into thinking that communism’s evil aim is directed principally against capitalism, but must realize,
that communism, to secure its ends must first literally demoralize a people. The pastor pointed out that the urgency of the communist threat lies
in the fact “that the world is religiously bankrupt and is therefore in grave danger of being seduced by false doctrine”.
The reader likely went right past the word or phrase “demoralize” as in “demoralize a people”, without a pause but it’s weight cannot be underestimated. The definition of demoralize is to cause to turn aside or
away from what is good or true or morally right: to corrupt the morals of…Discourage, Dispirit. To upset or destroy the normal functioning of. To throw into disorder.
The definition, “to upset or destroy the normal functioning of. To throw into disorder weighs heavily, I suspect, on Rev Jules O. Daigle use of the word “demoralize”.
This meeting where Rev Jules O. Daigle was a Rotarian meeting on January 28, 1948. Published in the “Yesterday’s News” feature of the Jennings Daily News. Here we are almost 73 years later and you can take his brief words, apply it to day, then look around you and see communism at work in our country and has been that way, often chiseling away and other times in leaps and bounds.
Younger generations may not see it because their reference points are shorter. Perspective could be generational. I would suspect then that older generations see communism creeping in more so than I do because their reference points are different. Their perspective is different. I believe, communism is coming like a raging hurricane. At first its breezy, with the sun shining, then a light rain and you would never guess that hell is heading for you. Rev Daigle nailed it! I wish I had his notes in preparation for this Rotary meeting to see how much more prophetic language and warnings were in it.



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